The Lindeman Prize

The Lindeman Prize was established in 1978 by the Lindeman Foundation to honour composers, performers and music educators who have made a significant contribution to the musical life of Norway. The prize is awarded annually to a person chosen from among many nominees. In 2017, the prize is in the amount of NOK 150 000. In addition, the prize winner chooses a young and highly gifted musician to receive the Lindeman Prize for Young Musicians in the amount of NOK 50 000. The award ceremony for both prizes usually takes place in October at Lindeman Hall, Norwegian Academy of Music.

In the bicentennial year 2012, two prizes were awarded to persons who have played a major role in the development and dissemination of folk music and church music, respectively, areas that were close to Ludvig Mathias Lindeman’s heart.

See the list of previous award winners (text in Norwegian).